Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Went to Nizza la Bella with Mom. BEST FRIES EVER. It was a great meal!

* Bread was unexceptional--like a pale, oily version of the focaccia from the rotisserie place, much as I hate to admit it.
* Mixed salad with a vinaigrette and topped with two delicious crunchy garlic toasts and a warm chevre round with herbs.
* Mussels in a chopped-garlic-and-parsley broth with aioli
* Crusty, golden, crunchy, savory fries with aioli--SO GOOD.
* A pork loin chop in a brown reduction sauce served with a spinach/tomato/salsify gratin and sauteed summer squash rounds (a bit too soft for my taste). By this time I was quite full, so I had only a tiny bite of it.
* Rinquinquin--an alcoholic Provencal peach infusion served on the rocks
* Rich, chocolate-chunk-studded chocolate mousse with creme chantilly and an almond cookie. Good, but not as good as the Food Forum chocolate pots au creme.

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