Monday, April 21, 2003

Birthday Dinner 4/18:
Mike, Erin, Molly, and Kyle came with me to Udupi Palace. Molly and I shared the masala dosa and South Indian Thali plate, both of which were excellent. My favorite of the thali was a little dish of cauliflower and potato curry with mustard seeds in it. The dosa was smooth and shiny and slightly crunchy. Way too much food! We saw Jerry there and he didn't seem to remember who I was. Then I got lemon and hazelnut gelato for free at Mondo Gelato. It was nice. Mike and Erin gave me a bottle of white balsamic vinegar and some chocolate, and Jameel came up from Hayward and Paul and Christy came over, and Jameel gave me a knife set.

Birthday Dinner 4/19 at Cafe Pro Bono:
I had charbroiled lamb loin chops with merlot-blackcurrant sauce, and an accompanying glass of merlot. Delicate and smoky and with a delicious lamb flavor. It came with a heavenly creamy savory pan-fried piece of polenta, and julienned veggies. Dark chocolate and white chocolate mousse in a hard chocolate shell for dessert, and tiramisu. The candles we burned smelled horrible and soapy.

Mom got some other part of the lamb (it came in thin slices) with a cabernet sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. Mine was better.

TSS got linguine with lemon juice and clams which I thought was unremarkable.

Serena got "Susan's Downfall"--herb and cheese ravioli in a creamy browned gorgonzola-almond sauce.

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