Sunday, June 26, 2005

I made polenta again with the recipe I listed below, and this time stirred in the kernels cut from two ears of white corn. I heated it just till the kernels were warmed through. It was delicious.

Other than that, I ate a bunch of terrible food at the Pride parade:
A Hungarian langos (which Dad and Patty will be very excited to hear about)--freshly fried bread dough, hot and crisp on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside, brushed with garlic oil, spread with sour cream and sprinkled with grated cheese, something firm, maybe Gruyere? $4.

A black cherry drop--black cherry Smirnoff and sour mix. They carded, but there was not enough alcohol in it to get even me tipsy. $5.

A vegetarian corn dog with lots of ketchup.

A cup of black coffee with sugar in it at Cafe do Brasil, where I also beat Kenny at pool while waiting for his friend to call us (I left early, around 6, after waiting with him for a couple of hours, and he came back an hour later--she never showed).

I saw a lot of very Pride kinds of things. Many shirtless men, and a few pantsless ones as well. Amazingly good dancers wearing camouflage pants and nothing else. A big naked hairy bear getting spanked in Leather Alley by a bored-looking professional spanker guy. I also had a three-minute chair massage and was handed about ten Asian-American lesbian event fliers in the space of two minutes in the API alley, which made me feel curiously included--I had been ignored, flier-wise, through pretty much the whole parade, and then I was suddenly mobbed.

It makes me so happy that an event like this exists!

Also, I went to Caitlin's birthday at Solstice after work on Friday, and had a delicious raspberry mojito and some delicious french fries, and played with a dog, and had a generally good time hanging out with nice work folks. Afterwards I went to Chaim's alien-themed party, and had a wonderful time drinking, dancing, and trying to be witty and charming. Well, wonderful until everyone got their crap stolen from downstairs, which was really totally horrible. On Saturday I lay around and reread Fire and Hemlock and did my laundry, and then Kenny and I went to go see Land of the Dead with Martin in SF. It had the best scene ever in it: a guy getting ready to throw a grenade has his hand chopped off by a zombie, and then he falls on his hand, and then the grenade blows him up. Also, there was a lot of entrail-munching. I think that Land of the Dead would make a great film to show at management training seminars. "Lead by example! Communication is vital! Don't get distracted from your goals! With teamwork, we can conquer any obstacle! BRAAAAAAAAAAINS ARE DELICIOUS"

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