Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hung out with Molly, who was in town for her grandma's 90th birthday, and had latkes at Saul's with her parents.

Saw _The Day After Tomorrow_. Shaved the piggies. Dad and Patty came by. Went to Red Lobster and ordered coconut fried shrimp; Rahul had the Admiral's Feast. A very friendly Midwestern waitress who kept calling us "my friend." GW couldn't make it cause his roommate's cat got out.

Rahul and I went to Carnaval but missed Sarah. Bought a coat in the Mission for $5--Banana Republic microfiber trench. Went to the Ferry Building and couldn't find Christy. Ate an egg and red pepper sandwich with harissa at Lulu Petite, along with homemade rosemary potato chips. Baker came over and played Viewtiful Joe with Kyle. I made corn chowder from John Thorne's recipe (4 ears white corn, simmer scraped cobs in 3 cups salted water for 20 minutes, saute an onion, fish out the cobs and add the onion and corn kernels and 2 cups milk and simmer for 5 minutes, season with red pepper and black pepper and salt); Rahul thickened it with cornstarch.

I made rosemary onion home fries for breakfast, and had some coffee. We had a BBQ for Kyle's birthday. Sarah, Jeni, Christy, Baker, and Christy's friend Mike all came over. We had carrots and celery, hummus, tortilla chips with bean dip, Morningstar Farms Grillers Prime with lettuce and tomatoes and mustard and mayonnaise and ketchup and grilled red onions, beer, "beer brats" (Tofurky sausages), zucchini, corn, cheesecake, and tea.

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